where does it come from, the light
where does it go, the light
what does it do to me, the light

how does it make things, the light
what does it make me, the light
how do I make the light

where does it stay, the light
where has it gone, the light
where will it be, the light

what do I do in light
what do I do with light
what do I make from light

when will it be light
how will it stay light

for siegrun appelt

18.06.2011- 31.07.2011

herbert j. wimmer, born in 1951, melk, lives since 1971 in vienna, austria.
a writer of novels, essays, poems, audio-plays, conceptual works and expanded literature since 1973.
from 1973 until her death in april 2009 close friendship and partnership with elfriede gerstl, author of poems, prose and essays. from 1993 – 1997 a student at the university of vienna: german philology, dramatics, science of journalism and communication studies, comparative social history of literature. 1997 graduated as magister phil.
many works for broadcast networks (audio-plays, radio-art-works) as orf (oesterr. rundfunk), sdr (sueddeutscher rundfunk). literature- and filmcritic. photographic works, drawings, collages, lineaments.
since 1998 the work-in-progress: THE INFINITE DRAWING, since 2006 the work-in-progress: THE INFINITE PUZZLE.
in january 2013 starts the exhibition ROTOPOST – ROTOSPOTS – LICHT UND LITERATUR AUFNAHMEN at the literaturhaus wien.